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Customer Testimonials for Mike Kashtan's Superior Auto Sales

George and Marlene Wienhold - 2013 Nissan Frontier S/SV Extended Cab Pickup


June 9th, my husband and I were on a quest to purchase a truck for him, due to his current truck was on life support and not going to survive any longer.  We could not go home without a purchase of a new truck!


We went to a lot of dealerships and either could not find what we were looking for, or the sales people were pushy, rude, and actually acted like they could care less whether we purchased a vehicle or not.


We have a friend who purchased a car from Superior Auto Sales and suggested we go to them.  We walked in and Mary Jo greeted us.  We told her we were interested in the Nissan Frontier Extended Cab Truck they had on the lot.  She gave us the keys, and said take your time.  We took it to our mechanic for a pre-inspection and it checked out that nothing was wrong with it.  It was more than we wanted to spend, so we decided to shop some more.  Fast-forward, was that a mistake and I told my husband we are done looking, and to go back and buy the truck at Superior Car Sales.  Wow! Are we glad we did, we have never had such a fabulous buying experience as with Mary Jo.  She was polite, not pushy, not rude, and was very knowledgeable, and helped us get a great deal.  We will definitely go back to Superior Car Sales, and to Mary Jo, for our future car purchases.


Also, we want to tell as many people who will listen to go to Superior to purchase a used automobile -  at $100 a referral, it looks like we need to send 140 people your way!


Thank you,


George and Marlene Wienhold

Mike Hollis ~ Largo, FL - 2014 JEEP PATRIOT

My Name is Mike and I have the unique blessing/burden of having a large family. I recently had the 5th car purchased in my family from Mike Kashtans. We currently drive 2 cars that were purchased their , a 2002 Saturn which has been handed down to the third owner in our family. The newest car is a 2014 Patriot that my daughter fell in love with. After she bought it she noticed intermittent rough running rendering the car undrivable. Mike Kashtans employees would not let a substandard product out with their name on it. The service they provided was second to none. They took the time to make it right and would not accept less. This company has in my opinion achieved a strategic advantage over competitors in customer service. This is a car company where working people can get a great quality car at a very reasonable price and a level service that exceeds all others in their market. My son will be getting a car in the near future and it too will say Mike Kashtan on the back of it . Thank you guys

Donna ~ Pinellas Park FL ~ Pinellas County - 2008 Mini Cooper

I went in with my husband to purchase a used car for him and I ended up with a MIni Cooper for myself Mike made the buying process enjoyable. Mary Jo was great, she works like a magician when it came financing. We will never shop anywhere else when looking for used car!

Gordon ~ Tarpon Springs FL ~ Pinellas County - 2004 Toyota Sequoia

Wow, great experience! No pressure, nothing but helpful, bent over backwards to help and kept their word across the board. Would definitely use them again. Awesome!

Carmichael ~ Pinellas Park FL ~ Pinellas County - 1999 Toyota 4 Runner

Talked to the owner into selling me a 1999 toyota 4runner that he had traded in, it was heading to the auction, he didnt want to sell it to me because it was so old and he didnt want to put his name and great reputation behind it, i said please i will take it, the owner said, well take it to your mechanic first and then if you feel happy with it then its yours, mechanic said it was a good vehicle, i put another 125k miles on it!! it was a great buy !!! serviced regulary, one day had a little noise, didnt check it right away, no fault to the dealer , it was my wifes. lol so i called mike the owner after years of not talking to him, he said i can have another motor put into it for you , the owner had the motor put in at his dealer cost, saved me a TON of money and he didnt even have to help me but he did, will be a customer for life !!! thanx mike kashtan !!!!!!!

Elliott ~ Seminole FL ~ Pinellas County - 2006 Ford F150

This is the second truck we bought from them. The first truck is going to our son and we just wanted an upgrade. If you find a problem right after you drive off the lot they always do right by the customer. The cars on the lot look like they are very carefully hand picked. They are the best used car dealer I know and I had no hesitation buying a car from them again. I am not any way related to this dealer I have checked Better Business and a lot of used car dealers out and did my research.

M. Wilcox ~ St. Petersburg FL ~ Pinellas County - 2005 Chevy Silverado

My fourth auto always find the cleanest low mileage auto's The service is out standing!

Nicole & Ahmad ~ St. Petersburg FL ~ Pinellas - 2006 Mercedes E-Class

I have to say that this is the best place to buy a car. We have bought 2cars previous from other dealerships an always had a problem with them getting to fix something that was wrong wen we got the car,but this place meets up to the name SUPERIOR. Anyone you deal with there is willing to give their right hand to make sure they can help you find and get what your looking for an i mean that. When ever you need a car this is the place to go there is no place even close to it. I wana say thank you all from superior for all the great work and help you gave to us,you treated us like family an we will definitly be recommending you guys to everyone we know.shout out to Ross and Mary-jo.

Bill ~ Brandon FL ~ Hillsborough County - 2008 Kia Sportage

All i can say is these people did exactly as i requested with no gimmicks, hassles or (bsing).From mike the owner,mary-jo,the sales rep,( to the guys who prepped the car, mike`s boys) and also the driver who picked me up in brandon so i could drive my new car home, all i can say is i hope people will read this and understand the best experience i`ve ever recieved buying a new or used car was here. they truly are what they say."SUPERIOR"

George ~ Largo FL ~ Pinellas County - 2012 Ford F150

It is with great pleasure that I write this review of my experience with Superior Auto Sales. I was in search of a first vehicle for my son who is headed off to college. We were looking for a small or mid size pickup truck. I had searched the internet as well as visited several large and smaller dealers and had been disappointed with the lack of availability within my price range as well as, quite frankly, the incredibly poor level of service. If you've been in the market you know the deal. I decided to drive down Park Blvd, as I knew there were a number of lots in the area, and fortunately for us came across Superior Auto. The dealership was clean and presented an exceptionally professional image for a business specializing in used vehicles. Not the norm, for sure. As my son and I entered the lot, we were expecting the usual "circling hawks", however we were pleasantly greeted by Ryan, who we later found out was part of the ownership family. He asked if we needed help, and I said that we'd like to see what he had and if I was interested I'd ask for help. "No problem", he said. "Some people like to do that. Take your time. All the cars are priced as marked and all are open for you to inspect. Feel free to start them if you like, most have the key inside." Wow. very cool. Needless to say we found a truck we were interested in. I went in to get the help I was offered when I met Mary Jo at the door. I told her we'd like to take this one out for a ride. "No problem, I'll get you a key. Take as long as you need". She put on the dealer plate and we were off. We got back and I was interested. I said I'd like my mechanic to check it out. "No problem" (see a theme here). When you're ready just let me know and you can take it wherever you want and take as much time as you need. I thanked her and said I'd be in touch soon. As we were leaving the lot, Ryan passed by and asked if we would like, he had a few other trucks that he had just gotten in that were being detailed at his garage across the street. Hop in my truck and I'll take you over and see if any of those may be better. Okay, so off we went. They were okay but we were looking for an extended or crew cab. So we get back to the lot and I hadn't noticed an F150 sitting there. Probably because I wasn't looking for a V8. I didn't need much towing power and wanted better gas mileage. I told him this, and he said, "I'm pretty sure this is a 6 cyl". Off on another test drive we went. Just my son and I, and again, "take as much time as you need". Incredibly trusting in this day and age. It was great. Needless to say the truck was perfect for our needs. I set an appt with my mechanic for the next day to check it out. We returned, got the truck, and a couple of hours later it was confirmed mechanically sound. I decided to buy. Mary Jo was a pleasure to deal with. She was clearly very knowledgeable and worked with me to get the deal I needed. No pressure, just good listening skills and outstanding service. She made me feel comfortable, and demonstrated that her primary goal was to help me get what I wanted. I can honestly say that this was such a positive experience for me that they have won a customer for life. Do yourself a favor and give them the opportunity to help you. You will be glad you did.

Dee ~ Pinellas Park FL ~ Pinellas County - 2007 Hyundai Tucson

My employee and I needed cars desperately. First day we went we looked at all kinds of cars. A very nice (and good lookin) guy named "Ryan" asked us if we needed any help, we asked if we could test drive some cars he said yes, gave us keys to several cars, we asked do you need to go with us, he said no WOW. But we ran out of time had to go to work. That night my employee went online to check out their inventory and car faxes. The next morning we went back we both found the cars we wanted, and left driving them home. MaryJo was awesome, the owner came in while doing paperwork and asked us if we needed anything and brought us water. This was by far the best car buying experience I ever had. No pushy salemen, set prices right on the car, all the information you need right on their website to make your decision. Everytime I go in my garage to get in my car "It's not a dream it for REAL!!!!!!

Ernesto ~ Pinellas Park FL ~ Pinellas County - 2006 BMW X5

It has been a good experience.I will surely recommend this dealership to my friends.Staff was very friendly.thanks a lot for everything.

Dawn ~ St. Petersburg FL ~ Pinellas County - 2011 Kia Optima

Pinch me! I must be dreaming...I have been car shopping since April. On 7/22/2013 I went to a dealership didn't see anything I liked was on my way home and notice Superior blue streamers out of the corner of my eye. I pulled in looked around the lot after about 10-15 minutes I was approached by a cool looking dude name Ross Kashtan. My heart had been set on a Ford Edge but they had a sweet Kia Optima on the lot. I asked if I could test drive he said sure. Gave me the keys and said take your time. I said wait do you need my info he said nope take your time. WOW!!! I was so impressed with the car low miles fully loaded that 20 minutes later I was in his office. Now my credit score is low. He pull no punches, he said lets she what we can do. I left the dealership saying to myself oh well I will not be getting that car. Ross call me two hours later saying you are not going to believe this. He said, Come back in the morning with your car so we can appraise it. Went back in the morning on my way to work. He said do you want to drive the Kia to work I said Heck Yeah! Came back that evening got a nice low interest rate, low payments and good money on my trade. When I woke up this morning on 7/24/2013 I looked in the driveway and it was still there. My 2011 Kia Optima EX. I said wow I wasn't dreaming. That had to be the most easy going car buying experience of my life. I am going to recommend any and everybody to this dealership. That is what I call "Best In Class" auto sales. Thank you Ross!!!

Michelle ~ Largo FL ~ Pinellas County - 2005 Scion XB

Good to deal with, very friendly. Very smooth process. Will not hesitate to recommend them.

OMS ~ Pinellas Park FL ~ Pinellas County - 2012 Honda Odyssey

I always drove by this dealership with the streamer of blue flags on Park Blvd. I always thought that going to the Big Dealerships I would get a better deal. It was not until I went to my mechanic Shawn from Shawn's Auto Tech Service who moved to his new location on 10410 66th St. Unit 5 in Pinellas Park FL 33782 (727) 329-8642. I was fixing my AC on my Chevy Truck when I was mentioning to him that we were looking for another mini-van for the family. He recommended Mike's Superior Auto Sales who he is servicing his cars. I met Mary Jo who I felt like I was visiting a family. She give me the keys to a 2007 Honda Odyssey Touring. We had a choice between the blue or the silver. My wife wanted the silver, we bought the blue :) We told her the price range that we were looking for and she got it exactly what we wanted. Thank you Mary Jo!!! I recommend this place to all our family and friends.

Keith at Magic 94.9 ~ Seminole FL ~ Pinellas - 2007 Ford F150

just looking up address to go back and buy another car from mike...and went to the reviews to let you know i got a really nice truck from mike a year ago. he gave a me a good deal, and was all about making sure i liked the truck. these guys are no pressure. i have been all over tampa bay buying used cars for 3 daughters in high school & college. this time, im gonna save some time, and see mike first.

Dave Simpson ~ Largo FL ~ Pinellas County - 2002 Chevrolet Camero

This is the 2nd car I have purchased from them in 6 months. The cars are great and customer service is out of this world. Good clean cars at a very fair price- save yourself some time and just go there first. You will be glad you did.

Deborah ~ Seminole FL ~ Pinellas County - 2012 Dodge Durango

Superior is SUPERIOR! Family run_hand-shake deal kind of place! We have purchased two cars from them in the past 3 months. Recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great deal_excellent customer service_and that "I care about you as a customer" service!

John Race ~ Seminole FL ~ Pinellas County - 2012 KIA OPTIMA

We bought 2 cars in 60 days from Superior Auto sales. Both cars were in great shape, minor issues resolved quickly, title paperwork handled efficiently. Good people

Walt G. ~ Palm Harbor FL ~ Pinellas County - 2011 Ford Focus

I bought a car at Superior 4/13 and I must say... As much disdain and distrust for Auto dealers / salesman that I have at 54 years old were put at ease for once. Ross K. could not have been more personable and actually honest. I felt at ease from the minute we had a chat on their website Instant Message System ( which I found very helpful, as most people like that capability ) And due to me having to take care of some things for my 83 year old mother I could not get down to see it last weekend. Ross held it for me, no Credt Card hold... Just a gentleman's agreement. Now that is customer service, and a lower Dealer prep fee than a major dealership in Countryside, that does less and sold a car from under me !

Rick ~ Grand Rapids MI - 2009 Ford Taurus

While visiting my son in FL, we stopped by to check out a used vehicle that I had seen on line. From the moment we walked in I was very impressed with the car selection, the cleanness of the place, and especially the friendliness of the personnel. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Mike did a great job of letting us check out the car, test drive it, and then answer all of our many questions. I not only purchased a vehicle that I am extremely happy with, but I left feeling as though I had gained a new friend. No "high pressure" tactics, but rather a great deal of professional expertise and courteousness. I would highly recommend this dealership to everyone and anyone looking to buy a used vehicle.

Marojack ~ St. Petersburg FL ~ Pinellas County - 2009 Nissan Altima

Great customer service. No pressure or pushy sales tactics. We told them what we wanted and they got it done on our terms. MaryJo was great. Would absolutely reccommend this dealership for all your car needs. They have got lots of great cars to choose from high-end, moderater or economy. Go check them out.

Jimymac ~ Ellenton FL ~ Sarasota County - 2012 Chrysler 200

Visited web site many times and dealer site four times. I was impressed with the low pressure, great service profile. During this buying process I walked off two dealers sites, because they didn't listen to what I wanted and then tried to steer. That won't get my business. After discussions with sales, financing and the crew, I decided I would buy there, and I did. For the most part I was content through the whole sale process. Just one issue. Nice job Superior!

Lifeboi ~ Clearwater FL ~ Pinellas County - 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

Today I purchased another vehicle from Mary Jo at Mike Kashtan's Superior Auto Sales. She was glad to welcome me back, and after sitting down with her we worked out a great deal! Mary Jo was professional, yet personal and courteous. I have referred friends and co-workers to Mike Kashtan's Superior Auto Sales because of the great cars, great pricing and prefessional staff. I was only too happy to return to purchase another car, as my wife took over my first car I purchased from this dealer! I was stunned at the great deal I got on MY car. Mary Jo and the staff of Mike Kashtan's Superior Auto Sales should be proud of the job they are doing! I will continue to send anyone I know that is looking for a car to them!

Tanya ~ St. Petersburg FL ~ Pinellas County - 2006 Lexus Rx 330

Mike Kashtan's Superior Auto Sales made my car buying experience amazing!! I loved being able to browse around and not get pressured by sales people. I love my car and I have a daughter who will need a car soon so I will definetly be back to get her car from Mike Kashtan's.I recommend everyone go get a car from here and when you do go ask for Mary Jo she is the best and tell her Tonya sent you.

Margaret ~ St. Petersburg FL ~ Pinellas County - 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

I went to Mike Kashtans Superior Auto Sales looking for a vehicle for my son. They have a clean lot and friendly staff. Mary Jo was awesome, no pressure, we found what we were looking for and got a fare price. I would recommend everyone I know to her.

Kim ~ St. Petersburg FL ~ Pinellas County - 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

Bought a Mini-Van from here, had great customer service from Mary Jo. She was able to answer any questions I had about vehicle, She made the whole process very smooth. Will defintly buy another vehicle from here.

Lady K. ~ Seminole FL ~ Pinellas County - 2006 Chrylser Pacifica

Thanks to superior auto sales they got me in a new car and the service was superb!!! Mary Lo was especially helpful. She made everything happen and had a very very very great deal of patience with my husband and I. So I give them an overall 5 stars! !!!

Natisha B. ~ St. Petersburg FL ~ Pinellas County - 2008 Mazda 3

I first would like to say thank you to our sale person Mary Jo. She made our car buying process as easy as going to store and picking up a loaf of bread. What we loved about her is she didn?t try to force a car on us; she took the time to allow us to make a decision. The problem for us was it was some many cars loved that we couldn?t make up our mind. We have been to other dealerships where the sale person crowded us. When we test drove the car she let us spend as much time as we needed with the car. Other dealer would have stood over us not allowing us to make the choice. She worked a deal out that allowed us to walk away feeling like royalty. Mike Kashtan's Superior Auto Sales is the place to purchase a car. Very quality cars at prices you can afford. I am so happy with the company that we have been telling all our friends and family. We ever shared our experience on facebook. Need a car make sure a car from Mike Kashtan's Superior Auto Sales located here in Pinellas Park, FL

Shannon S. ~ Pinellas Park FL ~ Pinellas County - 2002 BMW 325i

Buying experience was awesome. A family business. Great selection of cars. Ross was a dream salesman. Not pushy, very helpful and went the extra mile. We appreciate the experience. Love my car and will be back for sure.

Tammy Church ~ Largo FL ~ Pinellas County - 2004 Lincoln Aviator

Awesome Family owner business. I felt very comfortable and welcomed. It was all about me. ;) Ross made my purchase easy. Oh, by the way, my car is wonderful. Thank you!

A and J Biernacki ~ Largo FL ~ Pinellas County - 2008 Toyota Tundra

Purchasing a vehicle from this dealer was an extremely pleasurable experience! No pressure, no haggling and very professional. You let them know if you want a car, they don't chase you around the lot and no sales pitches. Family oriented, friendly and quick. Prices are right on the nada! This has been the quickest and best experience my husband and I have ever had purchasing a vehicle!! We will definately be purchasing our vehicles from them in the future.

Ford Truck Owner ~ St. Petersburg FL ~ Pinellas Co - 2012 Ford F250

One of the best dealers I have ever dealt with, they are family owned and operated and have a great no pressure sales system, will buy all my cars from them from now on.

Dmitriy ~ North Port FL ~ Sarasota County - 2005 Chrysler 300

The most pleasant experience of buying a car!!!! Professional and very friendly staff! I had my 2 children with me when I came to purchase a vehicle! And dealer did the transaction so fast and easy and we were out of there in a heart beat!!!! Love them and will go back to them again for my next vehicle purchase!! I would defiantly recomand them Go check them out for your self!!!!!'

Lisa ~ Riverview FL ~ Hillsborough County - 2005 Honda Civic

It was a pleasure doing business with Mike Kaston's Superior Auto. Initially, I was full of butterflies because I have less than B credit. However, that did not stop Joe Lentenni, Mike Kashton, Ross Kashton from getting me financed. Each challenge was overcome with a smile and professionalism. I highly recommend Superior Auto to all wanting a good used vehicle, great customer service, and a staff that gooes above and beyond to help those in search of good deal.

Janice Hermason ~ Tampa FL ~ Hillsborough County - 2011 Lexus ES 350

I just have too write a review on this dealership. I recently purchased a car from this AWESOME dealership! This is my 12th car that I have purchased. (so I am not new to this) I have never had such a great experience! They are honest, respectful, do not hassel or pressure you....this was by far, the BEST experience I have EVER had....hands down!! Thank you Mary Jo -- I will be referring everyone I know to Mike Kashtan's Superior Auto Sales!!

Angela Wood ~ Brandon FL ~ Hillsborough County - 2010 Lincoln Navigator

We bought our SUV a week a go and we couldn't be happier!!!! Mary Jo is amazing!!!! She helped us get a loan even with our credit (which is not so hot) and when it fell through she got us another one very quickly with the same monthly car payments! We loved our experience here at Mike Kashtans!!! I would recommendanyone come here and check them out! Great cars, great deals, and NO hassles!!! Thanks for sucks a great experience!!!!

Kris Barra ~ Bradenton, FL ~ Manatee County - 2010 Chrysler Sebring

So happy we stopped by on Sunday! We were treated like family from the moment we walked onto the lot. Lots of awesome cars and something for everybody. We chose the most beautiful Sebring and test drove it only to come back to the lot and notice that we had overlooked what would shortly be our new car. Mary Jo is incredible! She worked with us to get every last piece of information she needed to make sure that she could get the job done on Monday when the bank opened. And she came through just as she said she would. We took delivery of our new baby Tuesday morning (had to get both my husband and I to the lot to sign papers as we work crazy hours) and will be returning when I need to replace our Rodeo. Thank you guys so much!God bless!

Cassie Jachens ~ Tampa, FL ~ Hillsborough County - 2012 Toyota Highlander

I bought a Toyota Highlander here a few weeks ago. I went everywhere, only to be turned down as a result of a short sale I have in process. I always had perfect credit, but for the economic turn. Mike Ashburn was great, he listened to me, and let me know all was not lost. Mike Kashtan's Superior Auto is honest and forthright. I love my SUV and am ecstatic

Mr.Houle ~ Clearwater, FL ~ Pinellas County - 2010 Ford F250

Great Experience purchasing my vehicle...The service was excellent, by far the best experience I have ever had in purchasing a vehicle. Jennifer and Ryan were extremely helpful and friendly and made trading and purchasing my new truck a breeze. I will be coming back for years to come for future trucks. Mike Kashtan's Superior Auto Sales is in my opinion the best place in the Tampa area for buying a vehicle. They make you feel like family here!!!!

Baywood ~ Tampa, FL ~ Hillsborough County - 2009 Ford Mustang Cobra

Treated me like family and not like a customer...I like the way they run ther operation, no hassel, no games, they got me a great rate on my financing, I was in and out of there driving my new for mustang with in less then an hour !! will be back for my next car, tell them billy with the red mustang send you!!! they will remember me ! lol =) i think im a part of there family now !

Rmfus ~ Sarasota, FL ~ Sarasota County - 2010 Cadillac Escalade

I already bought two cars from this dealer. Awesome experience. No hassle at all. Great car selection. They don't want to negotiate their already very low price, but there is no pressure. Recommend to everyone

Diane and Rod Taylor ~ Citrus County ~ Inverness - 2003 Toyota Tundra

Hello Our names are Diane and Rod Taylor we purchased a 2003 Toyota Tundra from you on 9/27/ 2014 from your sales person Jennifer! Well we could not be more pleased, we love the truck Jennifer did a terrific job, the truck had a damaged tail light Jennifer arranged to replace it and we received a new one a few days later via mail since we live in Northern Florida. The entire sales experience and Jennifer's expertise and knowledge with trucks sealed the deal for us! We have been out of town since we bought the truck or I would have responded sooner! I just wanted to pass this on to you, Jennifer, and management at Mike Kashtan's Superior Auto Sales! Thanks again a very satisfied customer!

Bill D. ~ New Port Richey, FL ~ Pasco County - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

I want to tell you about my outstanding experience purchasing from Superior, first let me say I've always bought from new car dealerships in the past. After searching on their friendly web site I found the car I wanted, sent all my information to Jennifer thru email and even set a time for me to come in for a 10am test drive. Got to their office at 9:45am was greeted by Jennifer and Mike (owner) very nice people. Took my car for a test drive without someone riding with me...WOW...you want get that service at a new dealership. When I return to the office Jennifer already had all my information ready for my decision, I spent the most of 2-1/2 hours test driving-signing papers and driving away in my new car. In the past I could remember spending all day just to buy a car, Superior has put the pleasure back into car shopping!!!! I'll be a life time customer with this type of service. As a former US Marine I'm asking all my Marine Brothers to look at Superior for your next car purchase.

Andrea M. ~ Oldsmar, FL ~ Pinellas County - 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Superior Auto Sales is the place to buy a car. The staff is so friendly, and they make the car buying experience stress free AND no hassle. After shopping around for a used car, I have realized that its best to go to a family owned business where they really spend the time with you to help find exactly what you are looking for. I purchased a 2009 mitsubishi eclipse with low miles and it came with a 30 day warranty. A few weeks after loving the vehicle my drivers window started making noise.. I called superior and talked to jason he is in charge of the service department. He made an appointment with me to bring it in at my convince, so i did and after hanging out in there comfortable lobby i was in and out in 40 minutes.. The whole experience was fantastic and when I'm ready to up grade my vehicle i'll be back!

Diana ~ Orlando FL ~ Orange County - 2005 Acura RSX S

Amazing experience from the beginning. Mary Jo is a treasure! She was wonderful to work with; honest, kind, patient, and she worked hard to get the best financing available. I was able to drive the car to my mechanic for a check and he verified that the car was was in impeccable condition. The dealership as a whole is the very best I have ever worked with. The family feel is evident. The service does not end when the car is driven off the lot. They stand by the cars they sell and were happy to answer any questions I have had. Everyone I have spoken to has been professional and helpful. I highly recommend Mike Kashtan’s Superior Auto Sales, Inc. They are OUTSTANDING!

Tyler R. ~ Spring Hill ~ Pinellas County - 2004 Mini Cooper s

I made a purchase of 2004 Mini Cooper S on February 26. The car was in immaculate condition when I got it. New tires, Fresh paintjob, and like new interior. The car drives great and is everything I was looking for and more. Jennifer went above and beyond to get me this car. She worked with me all the way through until we could get it figured out. I have never been more satisfied while talking to a representative. She was understanding and made the buying process completely easy, as a first time buyer I was so happy and I appreciate it so much. Thank you Jen!

JD Smith ~ Deltona, FL ~ Volusia County - 2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata Convertible

We were searching online for a nice used Miata and found exactly what we were looking for at Superior. Pinellas Park is quite a haul from Deltona but we decided it was worth the ride. Jennifer was great! No high pressure sales here, it was a pleasure working with her and the car is great! We are loving it!

Len & Paula B. - 2008 Toyota Camry Solara

So often dealerships receive reviews to express their dissatisfaction with a service or a particular person. We believe that it is important for you to hears reviews on services and staff when a consumer is pleased. We recently purchased a Toyota Solara from your dealership and not only did Len find the car he’s been wanting for the last several years, we had the pleasure of working with Jennifer. Jennifer is both personable and professional and found ways to remove any obstacles to make the sale happen. Knowledgeable in the art of the sale, yet wise enough to acknowledge when she did not have an answer, she followed through with telling us she would find the answer. That is a skill not all have in sales. We appreciate her no-nonsense approach and did not feel pushed by fast talking “car sales antics”. Her communication skills are excellent and since buying the car last week she continued to work to find an accessory we requested and we ordered it from her today. We would certainly look to Jennifer again should we need to buy another car and will refer our friends to her. Kindest Regards, Paula and Len

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